Plug & Play Delivery

Assembly-free delivery to fit your schedule.

Pronghorn now offers plug & play (assembly-free) delivery of all new bikes ordered from our webshop or our showrooms – directly to your door at a scheduled time. It is also possible to specify an alternative delivery address if this fits your schedule better.

How it works

All our bikes are eligible for plug & play delivery – regardless if they were ordered online, in a showroom or via phone. Also, the bikes are not wrapped in foam, foil and cardboard in the box so you don't have to waste time unpacking the bike.

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  • Select Direct Delivery during checkout – or when placing an order in a showroom or via telephone.
  • If you specified your measurements, saddle height or bike fit data we will dial in the bike for you.
  • We will contact you when the bike is ready.
  • The carrier will contact you directly and set up a specific time of delivery with you.
  • You receive the bike, set the saddle height and you are ready to go. *


XL Wide Bike Box

Our new XL Wide Bike Box can hold your new bike without you having to fit the handlebar or seat post.*

Just lift the bike out of the box and set the correct saddle height. Normally, we set the saddle in the outer position to avoid scratching the post – unless you specified a certain saddle height or attached bike fit data. In which case we configured the saddle height accordingly.

With this concept you do not have to spend unnecessary time waiting for the shipping agent or fitting the handlebar. Normally, these factors are why many would otherwise not choose direct delivery.

* Unfortunately, this does not apply to mountainbikes. For mountainbikes the wide handlebars (+70 cm) have to be turned and the two bolts on the stem must be tightened along with the top cap. This takes only a few minutes.  (Click here to learn how to do this )


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