MTB Alu Hardtails 29 

Fast and light, Danish purebred bikes.

A Pronghorn hardtail mountain bike is for anyone who cares about crossing the finishing line first. Pronghorn mountain bikes are very light and stiff and are characterised by a very aggressive geometry. You get a superfast bike that flies up the climbs and stays fast on the flat sections. Value-for-money and three stylish colours. Aluminium bikes represent the most inexpensive way to own a real mountain bike. Perfect for winter training on the tracks and for anyone who wants to try out MTB riding.

Upgrades and accessories for Pronghorn mountain bikes

These upgrades come installed with the bike at delivery. You only pay the additional price for the upgrade. Extra options are not sold separately.



”The Pronghorn bike is agile and fast in all types of terrain. It corners very quickly and the climbs ”disappear” due to its very low weight​ ..."



Pronghorn Hardtails – made for speed

Our carbon hardtail is constructed around a top-tier frame made from high-quality carbon fibre from Japanese manufacturer Toray. Its strong bottom bracket and head tube are both reinforced using Grid technology which provides added stiffness. We incorporated Anti-Vibration technology into the rear frame so you can ride for longer periods of time before experiencing fatigue in the back, the arms and the back of the neck.

Our aluminium hardtails stand up well to the carbon fibre versions. Aluminium frames for mountain bikes combined with the right suspension and tyre setup is a sound choice for riders with a more limited budget. 



”This bike exemplifies perfectly well that a bike doesn't have to be made of carbon to ride well ..."

"Our overall impression of Pronghorn’s aluminium hardtail mountain bike is very positive indeed. Pronghorn has combined a very good and light aluminium frame with a geometry that calls for racing – as well as quality components – managed to create a mountain bike that meets the basic requirements of an XC rider."


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FAQ on Pronghorn’s MTB hardtails

How many types of hardtails do you offer?
At this point, we only offer aluminium hardtails with 29-inch wheels.

What's the difference between aluminium and carbon fibre?
Aluminium bikes are more inexpensive and slightly heavier. Carbon fibre is a more expensive and lighter material. Carbon bikes are more flexible. However, aluminium is a very good material for MTB frames as the large tyres and forks compensate for the stiff material.

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Who should choose carbon fibre hardtails?
The MTB rider who wants high speeds on the track which is the essence of XC mountain biking. They are very light and race-oriented which can mean the difference between a win and a loss - both on the climbs and on the descents.

Do you offer frames of different carbon fibre qualities?
No. We only use the finest carbon fibre quality within each model range. In other words, we do not use cheaper frame materials on our entry-level bikes. We use carbon fibre from Japanese manufacturer Toray (T-700 and T-800) in a specific compound or mix that gives us the properties we aim for. For our aluminium bikes we use hydro shapes ALU 6061.

What about the geometry?
Both models feature relatively aggressive geometries which gives the rider a pleasant and original, purebred riding experience. Normally, we advice the more comfort-oriented riders to install more spacers under the stem. We find that most riders are able to dial in an optimal riding position on the various MTB models using only a few spacers.

Are Pronghorn bikes Danish?
Our bikes are designed and developed in Denmark. In close cooperation with our manufacturers in the Far East. We assemble all bikes in Denmark.

Which colours are available?
By default, the bikes are available in several colours. However, we offer custom colours through our custom colour program.

Is it possible to make changes to the component configurations?
Yes. Contact us if you want to modify the component setup or the wheelset configuration.

Will I be able to make changes to the handlebar and stem setup?
Yes. You can specify the dimensions of the stem and the handlebars. We assemble the bikes according to your specifications. Contact our customer service if you want to make changes to the bike setup. Or you can make a note of this in the comment box at our webshop checkout.

How do I modify the bike specifications?
Contact our customer service if you want to make changes to the bike setup. Or you can make a note of this in the comment box at our webshop checkout.

Which size should I choose?
You will find a size chart along with a geometry chart on each product page. Or you can contact our customer service. You can read more about bike sizes here:

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