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Wheelsets. Cockpits. Add-ons.
Pronghorn’s new collection of upgrades and accessories helps you get out there on the bike. You can configure your Pronghorn bike with little details and features that all make a big difference. These upgrades come installed with the bike at delivery. You only pay the additional price for the upgrade. Extra options are not sold separately.


In order to be able to fit our bikes accurately to the needs and budgets of our customers we provide our customers the opportunity to change the wheelset, the cockpit (handlebars, stem and seat post) or accessories (such as power meters, ceramic bearings and tubeless tyre setups.)

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Available types of upgrades?

  • Wheelset
  • Handlebars
  • Stem
  • Seatpost
  • Tubeless setup
  • Colours
  • Integrated cable routing – Road
  • Power meters
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Jockey wheels
  • Forks – MTB
  • Dropper posts – MTB


Available types of extras?

  • Pedals
  • Carbon bottle cages
  • Spare parts
  • Mud guards
  • Clothing
  • Service kits


Why do you offer upgrades on your bikes?

We want to have the lowest amount of bike models in our product line-up to keep things simple.  We let the groupset define the bike model.

In order to be able to customise our bikes accurately for our customers' needs and budgets we offer the possibility of changing the wheelset, cockpit (handlebar, stem and seat post) as well as accessories (such as power meters, ceramic bearings and tubeless tyre setups.)

This means that you are able to prioritise – and perhaps choose where you might want to compromise (the groupset, wheelset or the cockpit).


Why do you offer accessories?

The accessories provide our customers with the option to be ready to ride immediately. Pedals and bottle cages for instance.


Why are your add-ons from other manufacturers not always among the most inexpensive on the market?

Our price is the price of the part fitted to the bike.  This means that if you buy a power meter for your bike yourself you must assemble it yourself and dispose of the original part.

Our price covers the assembly and is only the additional price compared to the original component. 

How do I buy upgrades and accessories?

You can buy our parts the same way you buy our bikes:

  1. Online from our webshop – under each bike there is an overview of the available parts
  2. In a showroom
  3. Over the telephone or by email which gives us the possibility to provide guidance


What are the advantages of upgrading the wheelset?

The properties of a wheelset are defined by factors such as weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and bearing friction. They are produced in either aluminium or carbon fibre.

This means that the purpose of the upgrade would be to get a lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic or more smoothly running wheelset.


What are the advantages of upgrading the handlebars or the stem?

The properties of the cockpit (handlebars, stem and seat post) are defined by the weight, comfort, stiffness and aerodynamics, as well as the visuals of course.

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