Road Aero Disc

Looks. Speed. Comfort.
Pronghorn’s new thoroughbred aero road racing bikes are designed and developed for the European roads. The performance geometry and the Toray carbon mix provide the racing qualities and the beautiful seat stays deliver a comfortable experience on longer rides.


Upgrades for Pronghorn road bikes

These upgrades come installed with the bike at delivery. You only pay the additional price for the upgrade. Extra options are not sold separately.

Accessories for Pronghorn road bikes

Installed before delivery.

CeramicSpeed upgrades

Ceramic bottom bracket bearings and derailleur jockey wheels from Danish manufacturer CeramicSpeed. These upgrades come installed with the bike at delivery. You only pay the additional price for the upgrade. Extra options are not sold separately.



”A feast for the eye..."
"A nice, refreshing experience..."
"The embodiment of a genuine road racer...”
"Value for money..."

"Pronghorn’s own, integrated carbon fibre cockpit is a feast for the eye and works perfectly. 28 mm Continental tyres are a comfort gain on any bike. The slim and aerodynamic seat stays are bent more outwards and help soak up bumps and thereby improving the comfort. The Pronghorn Road Aero Disc is the embodiment of a true road racer: It’s aggressive, maneuverable and fast. Moreover, it’s the least expensive bike in the test line-up which certainly doesn’t subtract from the overall experience."


Pronghorn Aero. Speed, comfort and clean design

The Pronghorn Aero Disc is a dedicated and purebred road racer. It was made for speed, acceleration and high average speeds on all types of rides.

The frame design is beautiful and also features built-in comfort in the rear part of the frame. This ensures a superb riding experience both when it comes to cornering and riding in groups and pelotons. The comfort on longer rides is very high and you will not experience unnecessary fatigue from road surface vibrations.

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This makes the bike ideal for windy riding conditions - and for the many riders and enthusiasts who enjoy the hilly and winding European roads all through the year.

In order to reduce the wind sensitivity we specifically opted for 50 mm deep section wheels and the frame tube profiles are slightly less aggressive ‘flat’ aero.

The frame is constructed from top-quality carbon fibre from Japanese manufacturer Toray. It comes loaded with nice features, internal cable routing and is available in three beautiful colours.

By changing the number of spacers under the stem you can change the riding position from touring to recreational style to pure elite racing. This frame can do it all – and in all terrains. The Pronghorn DNA is the match between the ultimate, purebred top-quality frame, the latest and lightest components and, of course, the perfect wheelset. This is what this bike is all about.



How many types of road bikes do you offer?
We offer three types: The Road Classic, the Road Aero and the Road SL.

What is the difference between these three types of road bikes?The Aero is more aerodynamic and was developed for high speeds – on longer rides, at top speeds as well as accelerations. Our Aero model is slightly less extreme in its aero design than many other bikes within this category. This makes the Pronghorn Aero disc the ideal blend between aerodynamics and rider comfort.

Our Classic Disc is more agile and easier to maneuver in groups and pelotons. It is ideal for mountains and hills, on both climbs and descents.

The SL is the lightest road bike in our line-up and sports a classic design perfectly suited for the rider who values handling characteristics that favour climbs and descents as well as beautiful looks.

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Do you offer frames of different carbon qualities?
No. We only use the finest carbon fibre quality within each model range. In other words, we do not use cheaper frame materials on our entry-level bikes. We use carbon fibre from Japanese manufacturer Toray (T-700 and T-800) in a specific compound or mix that gives us the properties we aim for.

What about the geometry?
Both models feature relatively aggressive geometries which gives the rider a pleasant and unique, purebred riding experience. Normally, we advice the more comfort-oriented riders to install more spacers under the stem. We find that most riders are able to dial in an optimal riding position on the various road models using only a few number of spacers.

Which components do you offer on your road bikes?
Groupsets from Shimano and SRAM, wheels from DTSWISS as well as our own label, Carbon Racing. Carbon Racing also produces our integrated aero bars and seat posts.

Which chainring sizes come with the bikes?
Our Aero Road comes with the so-called semi-compact setup. The Road model comes with a more climbing-friendly compact configuration. The specific number of teeth on the chainrings vary between SRAM and Shimano.

Do the bikes come with integrated cable routing?
Yes. All cable are integrated. For the Aero Disc an addition option of 100% hidden cables under the handlebar is available. This is not available on the Carbon Disc models.

Is it possible to install a power meter bottom bracket?
Yes. It is possible to purchase a bottom bracket power meter via our customer service. You only pay the additional cost.

Do you offer aluminium road bikes?
No. We do not manufacture aluminium road bikes. We find that the riding characteristics are not ideal due to the lack of shock absorption capabilities of this material.   

Do you offer any rim brake models?
No. We discontinued rim brake bikes in 2019 due to a very limited customer interest in rim brake models.

Are Pronghorn bikes Danish?
Our bikes are designed and developed in Denmark. In close cooperation with our manufacturers in the Far East. We assemble all bikes in Denmark.

Which colors are available?
By default, the bikes are available in black, red and silver. However, we offer custom colours through our custom colour program.

Is it possible to make changes to the component configurations?
Yes. Contact us if you want to modify the component setup or the wheelset configuration.
As for the models with carbon wheels it is possible to choose 38 mm instead of 50 mm if you want to reduce the wind sensitivity of the bike.

Will I be able to make changes to the handlebar and stem setup?
Yes. You can specify the dimensions of the stem and the handlebars. We assemble the bikes according to your specifications.

How do I modify the bike specifications?
Contact our customer service if you want to make changes to the bike setup. Or you can make a note of this in the comment box at our webshop checkout.

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Innovative frames made from top-quality Toray carbon fibre


Pronghorn’s Carbon Road Aero Disc is a top-of-the-line road bike made from high-quality carbon fibre from Japanese manufacturer Toray. This is a light weight frame with a high degree of bottom bracket and head tube stiffness – as well as comfort built into the seat stays and seat post. All models are built around our top frame and we do not use a cheaper carbon mix on our entry-level models. Pronghorn bikes are made for speed.

The aero bike

Generally, the aero bike is a very popular type of road bike. This type of bike is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. This means that the profiles of the frame tubes are shaped to reduce as much drag as possible. Most aero bike manufacturers have taken this idea further to include integrated handlebars and seat posts as well as fittings and cables.

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Ideally, an aero racing bike is equipped with aerodynamic deep section wheels with the ability to cut through the air and increase both the bike’s acceleration capabilities and the top speed.

The rider represents the largest part of the overall drag and for this reason many riders choose to go all the way and opt for an aero helmet. You must also keep in mind that even the most aerodynamic bike loses some of its aerodynamic properties if the rider sits in an upright position on the bike – either due to comfort considerations or if the terrain features many steep climbs.

Why go for aero?
You should go for an aero bike if you want to ride fast on longer distances. Alternatively, you can select a more classic road bike more suited for climbs.

Generally, aero bikes have often been considered to be both very stiff and sensitive to wind because of the wider tube profiles of the frame and the fact that they often come with deep section wheels at over 50 mm. In our experience, this type of bike is well-suited for use in windy riding conditions if you stick to 38 mm or 50 mm wheels.

Pronghorn's new aero bike is designed to be a little less extreme in its aerodynamic profile and stiffness. For this reason many riders would be able to use our Carbon Aero Disc as a versatile, all-purpose road bike. It also works well for bike racing in combination with a more classic and climbing-oriented bike.

Aero bikes should not be confused with time trial bikes. Time trial bikes are designed for one single purpose and are only meant to be ridden for shorter periods of time.

Give us a call (0045 23951000) or come visit one of our stores or showrooms if you have any questions about aero road bikes.

Pronghorn Aero. Stylish, light and fast

Pronghorn’s new Road Aero Disc is an all-round aero racing bike. Its stylish design manifests itself all the way down to the joints and fittings.

Active Power Zones

The Aero frame is divided into power zones, which provide ideal power transfer from the rider while still soaking up a lot of uncomfortable bumps from uneven surfaces. The power zones also enhance rider endurance on longer rides.


"The Pronghorn bike looks fast and after just one test ride I have no doubt that it was built for speed. ​"

RATING: 9 / 10
“We have tested a fair amount of aero bikes at this point and the Pronghorn definitely ranks among the fastest we have ridden. Pronghorn has succeeded in creating a really high-quality bike, especially notable for its aerodynamic design. A design that you would normally associate with far more expensive bikes.”


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