Carbon Gravel Disc

Performance gravel on all surfaces.
Our new updated Gravel Carbon Disc does it all. Gravel. Mud. Asphalt. It converts every last watt into speed regardless of the surface. All day. All year. On all surfaces. Choose between three colours – and between one or two chainrings in front (this is called either 1x or 2x). Differs from our Aluminium Gravel by being more performance and race-oriented.

Gravel models

If your primary riding surface is gravel​.
High Performance gravel bikes featuring a 1x chainring in front and exactly the gears you need. Perfect for all types of gravel riding with an asphalt detour or two. Buy them as they are, or upgrade the wheels, cockpit or go for a tubeless setup.

If your primary riding surface is road​.
High Performance gravel bikes featuring 2x chainrings in front and the gearing setup you are familiar with from road biking. Perfectly suited for winter riding, commuting and a detour through the forest. Buy them as they are, or upgrade the wheels, cockpit or go for a tubeless setup.

Gravel. Mud. Asphalt.

The Pronghorn Carbon Gravel is blistering fast and razor-sharp on all surfaces.

Upgrades and accessories for Pronghorn gravel

These upgrades come installed with the bike at delivery. You only pay the additional price for the upgrade. Extra options are not sold separately.



Pronghorn's bike is the perfect machine for both gravel, cyclocross and road ...

"This is a bike for the speed maniac who wants to negotiate the sharp corners on the trails and also soar on the road sections. Pronghorn delivers a lively speed machine for the racing enthusiast on both the cyclocross track and the new gravel events. There is no doubt you would be able to transform this bike into an almost pure road racer just by fitting lighter wheels and road tyres." 


About Pronghorn Carbon Gravel

Ride all day. All year – and on all surfaces​. 
The secret to a quality gravel bike is the balance between speed, acceleration and comfort. We blended the properties of our new gravel bike in such a way that you get a fast bike on all surface types as well as a bike you will be able to ride for hours on end. Use it for racing, touring, road, gravel – and sections that you would normally ride on a mountainbike. All you have to do is change the tyres from CX to gravel or regular road tyres. Add the finishing touches by fine-tuning the tyre pressure. The bike is actually lighter than many road bikes which makes it a fine bike for winter riding as well.



This cross and gravel machine cuts through mud perfectly ...



Karol Michalski from Pronghorn Racing Team tests the Gravel Carbon Disc during the 2019 Cyclocross World Championships in Bogense, Denmark, 2019. 

Innovative frames. Exquisite components. Quality wheelsets.

Pronghorn’s latest Carbon Gravel is an all-road gravel machine for both cross, gravel and road. This bike features top-quality carbon, components, through-axles, disc brakes, fast wheels and a well-balanced geometry. You can ride on all surface types and keep up with any group. 


Which types of gravel riding was the Pronghorn Carbon Gravel designed for?
It is a performance gravel bike that can also be used for all-road purposes such as cyclocross and road – depending on the tyres and components you select. And the bike is so light that it is well-suited for road biking with its two chainrings in front. This is why we developed some pure Road Editions.

What is the difference between the two versions?
The 1x versions come with a single chainring in front and gravel tyres. The 2x versions come with two chainrings in front and road tyres.

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What does the facelift entail?
We changed the colours. Now you can choose between three colours. Also, we offer more Road Editions and the components are newer. More models come with electronic shifting.

Can I use the bike for road riding?
Yes. The bike works well for comfort-oriented road riding and winter riding. Especially if you fit wide road tyres. You can use two different wheelsets with different sets of tyres – gravel and road tyres, for instance. We offer four models equipped with road groupsets and narrower tyres as standard.

Could there be disadvantages to using only one chainring in front?
The 1x setup is lighter and more aerodynamic. However, you may ‘run out of gears’ and experience large gear increments on the road.  For this reason we offer several 2x versions for road riding. We also offer gravel models combining mountainbike gearing setups with a larger chainring in front making it easier to ride at higher speeds without compromising the climbing capabilities.

What's the difference between gravel and cyclocross bikes?
Cyclocross bikes are made for cyclocross racing on small and narrow tracks on narrow tyres for short but very intense periods of time. Gravel bikes can be fitted with tyres as wide as 40 mm which makes them ideal for long gravel rides.

Can I fit bags and mudguards?
Yes. You can install the type of bags and mudguards that do not require fittings on the frame. Our bikes are not equipped with such fittings. We offer a series of accessories for the bikes.

Will I be able to upgrade the bikes using other components?
Yes, we offer an extensive range of upgrades: wheelsets, handlebars, tubeless setup and bearings that can improve the overall performance of the bikes. These upgrades also make the bikes fit a wider range of budgets.

Can I have a tubeless tyre setup?
Yes. We offer tubeless as part of our upgrade range.

Is it possible to use the bike for mountainbike riding?
You can try riding singletracks and mountainbike trails. However, the bike is not built for this purpose so this kind of riding is at your own risk. Also, it will not be able to withstand jumps and drops in the long run.

Are these Danish bikes?
The bike was designed and developed in Denmark. In close cooperation with our manufacturers in the Far East. We assemble all bikes in Denmark.

Which colours are available?
The standard colours are black and grey with a black fork. However, we offer custom colours through our custom colour program.

Is it possible to make changes to the component configurations?
Yes. Contact us if you want to modify the component setup or the wheelset configuration. Or you can select the upgrades yourself in our webshop.

Will I be able to make changes to the handlebar and stem setup?
Yes. You can specify the dimensions of the stem and the handlebars. We assemble the bikes according to your specifications.

Buy directly from our webshop

Experience the full benefits of our proven 360-degree webshop.
We skip the dealer network and sell directly through our own webshop. This enables us to offer very attractive prices while providing a full product customization setup along with expert guidance. You order online and receive your bike, tailored and (almost) ready to ride. Easy, reliable and hassle-free.

1 or 2 chainrings on a gravel bike? Which should I choose?

At the moment, gravel riding is the fastest growing category within recreational cycling. Gravel riding presents completely new opportunities, but it also raises new questions, even for seasoned riders. In this guide you can read about how to choose the right groupset for your new gravel bike.

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Gravel bikes are very versatile and can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. You can ride a gravel bike on pure gravel roads, on asphalt and on trails. They perform well for winter training and in large road pelotons. And in countless other situations.

No matter how you intend to ride your gravel bike, the most important choice (apart from the frame itself) is whether you should go for 1 or 2 chainrings in front. 

1X - advantages and characteristics

Application: Pure gravel setup – used for gravel racing and touring. The riding primarily takes place on gravel surfaces.

  • Simple, efficient and functional. Fewer parts can break or get covered in mud.
  • It is lighter – up to 2-300 grams.
  • Is looks beautiful and clean and more minimalistic than 2x.
  • You don't risk dropping the chain on the front derailleur as all shifting takes place on the cassette.
  • This means that the increments between the gears become larger.
  • Depending on your choice of cassette (the size of the biggest and smallest cog) you may find yourself in situations where you lack a gear at either end of the cassette (top or bottom).
  • You can alleviate this problem by selecting a different chainring - which, of course, affects all gears – either at the top or at the bottom of the range.
  • When using a 1x setup you may run out of gears on the road, especially if you ride on fast slick tyres.

2X - advantages and characteristics

Application: Hybrid road setup: used for road training and commuting with the possibility of gravel road detours​.

  • Most are familiar with this setup from road riding.
  • Gives a more road-oriented look.
  • A high number of close ratio gears is an advantage if you ride on the road and/or in groups where you don’t dictate the tempo.
  • 2x can be tricky (in rare cases) if you make sudden gear changes on the front derailleur (as you may have experienced on road bikes).
  • Road-specific groupsets can be more sensitive to rough riding on gravel and uneven surfaces in general. This is not the case with gravel groupsets and these rear derailleurs are designed for gravel riding.
  • You will not run out of gears anywhere in the gearing range.

Still in doubt?

Choose the configuration that fits the riding style you prioritise the most. For instance, you can use a 1x gravel bike for road riding during the winter season if your top priority is on-season gravel racing.

You can also select a gravel bike with a 2x setup if road winter training is your top priority.

Contact Pronghorn customer service if you're in doubt.

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