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Beautiful, fast and light, Danish bikes. Speed, riding fun and value for money. Top-quality frames. Developed and assembled by mechanics in Denmark since 2007.


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We skip the dealer network and sell directly through our own webshop. This enables us to offer very attractive prices while providing a full product customization setup along with expert guidance. You order online and receive your bike, tailored and (almost) ready to ride. Easy, reliable and hassle-free.


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We are a team of dedicated cycling enthusiasts. We are all active riders and we are passionate about all kinds of cycling. We know and ride our bikes ourselves and have lots of experience and a great love for the sport.


Customisations and upgrades

Choose between existing and specific models – or customise them to your needs and specifications.
Very light and very stiff frames in beautiful colours – equipped with the best components and wheelsets. Assembly-free and delivered directly to you. And you can upgrade components such as the wheels and customise stems and handlebars.

What's behind the name Pronghorn?

A pronghorn is a North American hoofed mammal also called American antelope. It is the world’s fastest land animal over longer distances. The cheetah is a hunter and has the highest top speed. However, it has to catch its prey quickly since it isn’t able to maintain such speeds over longer distances.

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The Pronghorn, on the other hand, has to be able to maintain speeds of up to 80 km/h over very long distances. A pronghorn is a gracious animal as its torso remains almost completely level no matter the surface.

This means that the pronghorn is able to cross large distances at very high speeds consuming very little energy. Elegance, efficiency and blistering top speeds, all in one organism.

For this very reason, the pronghorn is our source of inspiration when we develop bikes.

The project was a success and today full suspension is the norm within XC racing. The original idea behind geometric suspension (APLS) remains the core philosophy behind our full suspension flagship, the MTB Fully Carbon 29.

Beautiful design, underneath the paint as well

Our frames only come in the highest quality.
All Pronghorn frames are designed in Denmark and built from top-quality Toray carbon and AL6061 aluminium. We only offer one frame in each model series – and that's the top frame. The frames are built in collaboration with the best manufacturers in the world and come with loads of discrete and innovative details and features.

Danish and direct since 2007

Pronghorn Bikes was founded in 2007. The mission was to develop the world's fastest full suspension mountainbike for both XC racing as well as marathons. The inspiration was the elegant and very fast North American pronghorn.

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Since then we expanded our product range slowly and steadily – but still to this day all bikes are constructed and designed according to this speed-over-distance philosophy that can be traced back to the Pronghorn’s elegance and efficiency.

In 2016, we sponsored the talented, Danish female cycling team Team BMS-Birn. This team later became known as the female Virtu team and consisted of riders such as Celilie Uttrup, Christina Siggaard and Camilla Møllebro to name a few.

Our frames have all been thoroughly tested

At Pronghorn we test our bikes rigorously to ensure that they perform optimally – both in terms of durability, handling characteristics and speed. We test all our frames for rider weights of up to 120 kilos as well as a minimum strength of 130% of the EN standard.

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All Pronghorn frames undergo mechanical testing to ensure optimal durability on all relevant stress points. These stress tests are performed by our manufacturers and suppliers on specialised equipment using tens of thousands of repetitions.

We test all our frames for rider weights of up to 120 kilos as well as a minimum strength of 130% of the EN standard.

This means that riders within almost all weight categories are able to ride our bikes. (In order for the relatively robust frames not to become unnecessarily heavy we always and only use the finest grade carbon fibre or aluminium materials.)

Of course, we provide a five-year warranty on all frames.

Furthermore, we test the performance of all models in the terrain they were intended for. Our Racing Team do a lot of testing, both during training and competitions, and provide valuable feedback to us. They are familiar with the previous models and have all ridden many miles on lots of different bikes.

The bike magazines test our bikes with very favourable verdicts

Danish, as well as some Swedish, bike magazines perform tests of Pronghorn bikes quite often. And we are happy about that. Not just because all test results are generally very positive – which makes us happy and humble – but also because this provides us with valuable input and constructive criticism which we can use in our further development of both frames and component setups.

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What are the testers saying about Pronghorn’s bikes:

  • They are very positive and give us top ratings (either the highest or second-highest number of stars).
  • They are on par with those of many of our highly skilled, international competitors.
  • Our bikes are praised for being very desirable both in terms of design, colours, decals and quality.
  • The bikes are praised for their racing qualities such as acceleration, top speed and maneuverability.
  • They are praised for being good value for money.
  • They are praised for their quality wheelsets – not least considering the overall price.
  • We study all tests thoroughly and evaluate the valuable inputs before we may make adjustments to some of the features.

Also, we use the many tests that our bikes are subjected to in various magazines and on websites to continuously evaluate our frames and components.

FAQ: One hundred percent Danish owned, and with an international outlook

Pronghorn is one hundred percent Danish owned and managed by the owners along with private investors and cycling enthusiasts who are active in the day-to-day operation of the business. All decisions pertaining to development, sales, assembly, service and after sales are made in Denmark. Here, you can learn more about the company, the production process and our collaborators.

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What types of bikes to you manufacture?
We build bikes for sport and recreation suited for Danish riding conditions on roads, tracks and trails. In other words, bikes for road and gravel riding as well as mountainbiking (XC). 

Who are your bikes designed for?
We manufacture bikes for everyone who wants to enjoy recreational and competitive cycling. This could be everything from elite riders, recreational riders, starters or athletes who do cycling as a secondary sport.

Is Pronghorn Danish?
Pronghorn is one hundred percent Danish owned and managed by the owners along with private investors and cycling enthusiasts who are active in the day-to-day operation of the business. All decisions pertaining to the development, sales, assembly, service and after sales are made in Denmark.

Do all company activities take place in Denmark?
No. The cycling industry is, like most other industries, based on a network of skilled suppliers who operate internationally and often place the manufacturing processes in the Far East. This is the case for components, wheelsets and frames. We only use the very best international suppliers such as Toray, SRAM, Shimano, DTSWISS, Rockshox and many others. Our update program features parts from CeramicSpeed who is also a Danish company, but only selected because of their high-quality products.

Which parts of the production process takes place in Denmark?
Most of our activities take place in-house at our head office in Denmark. Here, we add a Danish touch and take on our product range. This could include activities such as product strategies and decisions as to what models should form part of our overall product range.  Here we also do our product development (completely or partly as we collaborate with other manufacturers), testing, component selection, assembly, sales, service and after sales activities.

Why are your frames not manufactured in Denmark?
There are no manufacturers, no technology and no know-how in Denmark within the field of carbon fibre or aluminium manufacturing.

Who designs your colours, logos, decals and custom bikes?
All external elements on our bikes – logos, decals, colours etc. – are one hundred percent developed and made in Denmark and our entire custom colour program is based in Denmark.

How are your bikes adapted for the Danish riding conditions?
We adapt all of our bike models for the Danish riding conditions by choosing which types of bikes and models to produce and by crafting the properties of the chosen models. Also in the selection of component configurations such as gearing setups, fork travel, tube profiles, wheelsets as well as cockpits. 

Do you consider it important that you are Danish?
We don't consider the Danish aspect as either-or – or as a quality in and of itself. However, it is relevant for Danish riders that we are in a position to consider specific, regional aspects such as wind, surface profiles and the lack of mountains. The cycling business is huge and we have our own take on a Danish interpretation of the local riding conditions – but on an international level regarding handling properties, design, quality, components, upgrades etc.

How do you develop your frames?
We design and develop our frames in various ways. Some of our frames are one hundred percent developed and designed by us in-house. Other frames are developed and designed by us in collaboration with other manufacturers. 

How do you develop frames in collaboration with other manufacturers?
We share the expenses and the relevant knowhow. Each manufacturer adds different properties and details through a shared platform. Or the relevant participants assemble the various parts in different ways. It is a lot like the car industry where many makes and models are built on the same platforms and engines but still have differing properties depending on the brand. 

Do your various models undergo continuous development?
Yes, we continuously optimise our bikes and implement the feedback we get from both tests and team riders. This way, our models develop over time in terms of features like integration, cockpits, cable routing, seat post assemblies etc. where we continuously improve and optimise our designs.

Who manufactures your bike frames?
Our frames are produced by the leading manufacturers of both carbon fibre and aluminium products. Geographically, they are based in the East where a large majority of all frames are manufactured globally.

Our frames are manufactured in the East due to the knowhow, experience, competencies and price of the manufacturers. Many other bike producers around the world do this too.

Which types of materials do you use in the production of your frames?
We use carbon fibre from the Japanese manufacturer Toray. We blend the various carbon fibre types, which all have different properties, to obtain stiffness and flexibility at different areas of the frame.

We use the strong and light Alu 6061 which is hydroformed – in other words, shaped using water.

We differ from many other brands by only offering one frame quality on all models: The best quality. In other words, you get the top frame on all our models, including the entry-level models.

Who does the testing of your frames?
Breaking strength and durability testing is carried out by the respective manufacturers. We perform rigorous testing of the bikes during the development phase. After the launch we listen to various magazines and test riders.

Can I use your bikes outside of Denmark?
Yes, of course. Gearing setups for very long and steep climbs as well as fork travels on mountainbikes are difficult to test thoroughly in Denmark and such aspects are tested at relevant locations. Gearing configurations can always be changed at a later point in time by replacing the cassette and/or chainrings.

Where do you assemble your bikes?
We assemble all our bikes in Denmark. They are assembled and tested by Danish bike mechanics.

Why do you assemble the bikes in Denmark?
We do this to be able to oversee the assembly and to be able to fit the correct stems, handlebars etc.

Do you have further questions?
Contact our customer service at www.pronghornracing.com

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