Road. Gravel. Crossover.
Pronghorn's latest road racer is, in fact, also a gravel bike. Geometry and design from road racing combined with frame clearance for gravel tyres. The Road-X comes in both 'Road' and 'Gravel' editions equipped with either road groupsets and wheels or gravel groupsets and wheels. Road-X is a two-in-one bike and if you purchase an additional Crossover wheelset you will be able to cover all surfaces with no compromise - pure Plug & Play. The high modulus carbon mix and innovative technology provide purebred racing qualities - and on all surfaces.

Choose the Road-X with either a road or a gravel groupset

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”The Road-X is a comfort-oriented aero racing bike with fork clearance for gravel wheels. You can set it up with either a road or a gravel groupset and unleash all of your cycling passion on all surfaces using one of our Crossover wheelsets.”


X means road, X means gravel - and all of the above


The Pronghorn Road-X is a dedicated, purebred road or gravel racer made for both high top speeds, blistering accelerations as well as soaring average speeds over long distances. The geometry is sporty and features a relatively higher head tube than that of our Aero and SL frames. A totally unique feature of the Road-X is the fact that it sports a frame clearance for gravel tyres up to 40 mm.

The Road-X is a bike that becomes what you make it - depending on whether you opt for a road or a gravel spec edition. And if you upgrade the bike with one of our additional Crossover wheelset bundles - with another type of tyres than those on your bike - you get a fully-fledged "all-surface in one bike".

When it comes to design and technology the Road-X is on par with all our other bike models; the Aero, the SL, the Carbon Gravel etc. But with each of these models being specialists within each of their fields, the Road-X is the generalist that does it all.


  • Frame weight only 1040 gr. (Size S)
  • Bottom bracket: BB86
  • Carbon quality: Toray T-700 + 800 unidirectional
  • Through axels: 12mm through axle F100mm R142mm
  • Sizes: S - XXL
  • Head tube: 1 1/8”-1 1/2”;
  • Seat post Ø: Integrated Pronghorn Aero included
  • Brakes: Flat mount disc brake.
  • Front derailleur: Braze-on.
  • Maximum tyre with: Approved for 42 mm – with a 3 mm frame clearance. (NOTE: The actual tyre width varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of tyre). 


  • Rounded aero tube profiles for increased stiffness and aerodynamics
  • High Modulus Toray carbon fibre
  • 45º carbon unidirectional carbon lay-up
  • High stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • EPS air-bag vacuum technology for increased strength
  • Frame divided into zones to optimize shock absorption and power transfer
  • Increased diameter as well as head tube and bottom bracket stiffness
  • Asymmetrical chainstays for increased power transfer on the chain side
  • Classic design and elegant look.


”The Road-X frame features a slightly higher head tube than our other road bikes - and is slightly less maneuverable than our Carbon Gravel. In return, it is extremely versatile.


Active Power Zones

The Road-X frame is divided into power zones that help transfer power from the rider and at the same time soak up surface bumps. This provides optimum power transfer while the high degree of comfort boosts the rider endurance on longer rides.

Visible cables? No thanks...

The Road-X is only available with electronic groupsets and this enables us to hide all cables. On our aluminium spec models with aluminium handlebars the brake cables run discreetly underneath the stem and on our top-tier models with integrated handlebars all cables are completely integrated and hidden.

”The Road-X is not just a crossover between road and gravel. It also does really well as a pure road or gravel bike ... ”

Go 100% crossover with an extra wheelset

Plug & Play wheel change between road and gravel.
A Crossover wheelset enables you to maximise the full potential of your new Road-X. Select a Road-X variant with either road or gravel components and add one of our Crossover wheelset bundles. Crossover wheelsets come completely ready for use including tyres and discs. The wheelsets come without a cassette as we recommend changing the cassette along with the wheelset. This ensures equal wear on the cassette and the chain.

Find your Crossover wheelset in the web shop under each bike.


What kind of bike is the Road-X?

The Road-X is a multi-purpose road and gravel bike, depending on which type of groupset and wheelset you choose for the bike.

What kind of groupsets does the Road-X come with?

You can select road or gravel groupsets. We call the versions 'Road Editions' and 'Gravel Editions' respectively.

Can I use the Road-X for both road and gravel?

Yes, depending on what type of tyre you use. You can also purchase an additional Crossover wheelset which enables you to just change the wheelset. This way, you get a road bike and a gravel bike using the same frame.


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What separates the Road-X from our other bike models?

The frame has a higher head tube than our Aero road bike which makes it more endurance-oriented. Compared to the Carbon Gravel the frame is more aero and slightly less maneuvable. Both stiffness and carbon quality is on par with that of our other bikes.

Are upgrades and accessories available for Road-X?

Yes, our entire range is available plus our selection of Crossover wheelsets for Road-X.

How many colours does the Road-X come in?

Three - Two-Tone Blue, Silver/Mat Black and Candy Red/Black Metallic. Custom colours are available as with all of our other carbon bikes.

Does the Road-X come with integrated cable routing?

Yes. On Carbon Editions all cables are fully integrated. On aluminium versions the brake cables are only partially visible as they run on the underside of the stem.

How do I purchase the Road-X?

You can shop online in our web shop, physically in one of our showrooms or by telephone via our customer service.

Will I be able to take the Road-X for a test ride?

Yes, you can book a test run at one of our showrooms.

Is changing a Crossover wheelset difficult?

No. This can be done in one of two ways. With our carbon wheels the process is 100 % plug and play, og with our aluminium wheelsets you need to move the cassette too. Always use the same cassette on both wheelsets to avoid unequal wear.

Choose your Road-X with either a road or gravel groupset

Upgrades for Pronghorn bikes

These upgrades come installed with the bike at delivery. You only pay the additional price for the upgrade. Extra options are not sold separately.


Accessories for Pronghorn bikes

Installed before delivery.


Innovative frames made from top-quality Toray-carbon fibre 

Pronghorn’s Road-X is a top-of-the-line road bike made from high-quality carbon fibre from Japanese manufacturer Toray. This is a light weight frame with a high degree of bottom bracket and head tube stiffness – as well as comfort built into the seat stays and seat post. All models are built around our top frame and we do not use a cheaper carbon mix on our entry-level models. Pronghorn bikes are made for speed.

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