Wheelsets. Cockpits. Bottle cages. Spareparts.
Pronghorn's new collection of accessories makes it easier for you to get out there riding your bike – and lets you set up your bike with various details that make a big difference.

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In order to customise our bikes to fit your requirements and budget we offer the possibility of optimizing either your wheelset, cockpit (handlebars, stem and seatpost) or add-ons (such as power meters, ceramic bearings and tubeless tyre setups.)

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Which types of upgrades are available?

  • Wheelsets
  • Handlebars
  • Stems
  • Seatposts
  • Tubeless setup
  • Colours
  • Integrated cables – Road
  • Powermeters
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Pulley wheels
  • Suspension forks – MTB
  • Dropper posts – MTB


Which types of accessories are available?

  • Pedals
  • Carbon fibre bottle cages
  • Spare parts
  • Mud guards
  • Clothing
  • Service kits


Why do you offer upgrades?

We want to keep our product range simple and easy to navigate. Also, we let the groupset define each model.

In order to be able to make our bikes fit the needs and requirements of our customers we offer the possibilty of customizing elements such as the wheelset, the cockpit (handlebars, stem and seatpost) along with add-ons (such as power meters, ceramic bearings and tubeless tyre setups.)

This means that you can choose what you want to prioritise - and where you may want to compromise when it comes to the groupset, wheelset or the cockpit.


Why do you offer accessories?

Accessories make it possible to be ready to ride without further ado. This could be pedals or bottle cages, for instance.


Why are your add-ons from other manufacturers not always the cheapest on the market?

The price listed on an add-on product is the price of the installed product. For instance, if you want to buy a power meter yourself, you must install it and deal with the remaining left-over components.

Our price covers the installation and only specifies the additional cost compared to the original component. 


How do I purchase upgrades and accessories?

You purchase our components in much the same way as our bikes:

  1. Online in our webshop - under each bike you will find a collection of available parts.
  2. At a showroom.
  3. By telephone or email. This lets us guide you in your decisions.


What are the advantages of upgrading the wheelset?

Wheelsets perform on the basis of parameters such as weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and bearing friction. They are made from either aluminium or carbon fibre.

This means that you can upgrade to a wheelset that's either lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic or that rolls better. Or all of the above.


What are the advantages of upgrading the handlebars and the stem?

Cockpits (handlebars, stem and seatpost) perform on the basis of parameters such as weight, comfort and aerodynamics and, of course, looks.

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