Pronghorn Custom Colour

Become your own bike designer. Choose a 100% custom RAL colour for your new Pronghorn carbon bike. You can also have your seat post, aero handlebars or your fork custom painted.

Custom colour applications


”We can paint your Pronghorn carbon bike to make it unique and personal – just the way you want it ..."

Whether you want your own preferred colour on your frame, fork, seat post or aerobars we can help you all the way through the process.


Frame, fork or cockpit?

You can have both your frame, fork, seat post or integrated aero bars custom painted. This way you can create a Pronghorn bike that is totally unique – and a bike that also fits into our general design concept and look.

”Add the custom products to your basket when ordering your bike and everything will be taken care of ..."

Just shop your own preferred upgrade colour products along with your new bike. Then we will get in touch with you and help create your dream bike.

Get inspiration at #pronghorncustom

You can check out our many custom painted models on Instagram. We post pictures of our own bikes as they become available. Feel free to add a hashtag to your own posts with your own Pronghorn custom bike using the tag #pronghorncustom.

FAQ: Custom colours

Which bikes are eligible for custom colours?
You can select custom colours for carbon frames, forks, seat posts and aero bars.

Which colours are available?
We use the RAL colour system and are able to paint bikes according to this system's colours.

Is it possible to buy special paint jobs?
You can go for the more expensive chroma and spectra colours, but for the time being this requires personal contact.

How long does it take to have a bike custom painted?
Add approximately one to two weeks to the normal delivery time of the bike.

Can I get help choosing a colour?
Yes. We can help you with advice, guidance and inspiration.

Can I specify the colour of logos and decals?
We operate with the colours black, white and silver to ensure that all our bikes have the same overall look.

Will I be able to choose the positioning of logos and decals?
Unfortunately not. The size and position of our logos are defined in our design guide. We are not able to deviate from this as this would result in too many different versions of the Pronghorn look.

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