Carbon Aero Racebar with integrated cable routing – Installed upgrade

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5-year frame warranty
Installed on the bike


It’s now possible to get a more aerodynamic and modern look on both the Carbon Road Aero and Road Classic (with electronic shifting and carbon aero cockpits).

A newly developed fork and a new type of spacer provide the integrated, smooth and clean look with all brake cables completely tucked away and hidden inside the handlebars and the fork.

This makes the bike even more attractive and provides a small boost to the average and top speed.

We offer this feature as an optional upgrade. You can still opt for the popular standard setup with visible brake cables running between the underside of the handlebars and the frame.

There is no doubt that the visual and aerodynamic advantages of hidden cables are real.

We also know that some riders find it a bit more difficult to remove the handlebars – for instance, when fitting the bike into a travel case. Also, some riders like to experiment with the handlebar height by raising or lowering the bars.

This is why we chose to offer this feature as an optional upgrade.

However, it is only available for new bikes with electronic shifting. This is not possible to install after the bike has been assembled.

Please note that it is not possible to raise the handlebars without replacing the brake cables once the handlebars have been installed. We are, however, able to lower or replace it with a stem of different length or width. Please note that if you want to raise or replace the handlebars (with handlebars of different dimensions) there will be an additional cost of DKK  990 along with the price of a new set of handlebars if this is not directly replaceable without charge.

Therefore: If you have any doubts concerning the number of spacers, or the length of the stem, we recommend that you go for an extra spacer - or reach out to our customer service. Or you can make a note at the webshop checkout that you want us to get in touch with you to help you get the correct setup.

Call us at 0045 23 95 10 00 – or contact us by mail.

This model comes standard with three spacers under, and none over, the stem for optimal aerodynamics. You can, of course, get the exact number of spacers you want, both over and under the stem.

Or you can make a note in the comment box at the webshop checkout.

If you want to buy your bike online, select a bike with electronic shifting along with this upgrade.

If you want integrated cable routing on a bike with aluminium handlebars and a separate stem you need to buy integrated handlebars as well.

The upgrade does not change the shape of the fork or the stem compared to the Aero or the Classic without integrated cable routing.

This upgrade is only sold as an upgrade to a new bike.


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