Tubeless tyre setup – Road / MTB / Gravel / CX – Installed upgrade

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5-year frame warranty
Installed on the bike

Puncture-free tubeless setup installed.

For road, MTB, Gravel and CX.

Includes complete installation, including valves, sealant and rim tape.

Tubeless advantages:

  • Lower tyre pressure provides lower rolling resistance and more control.
  • Added overall comfort regardless if you ride mountainbike, road, gravel or cyclocross.
  • More resistant to punctures as the sealant seals most holes.
  • Lower tyre pressure provides a better grip on uneven surfaces.

For years, tubeless has been the gold standard within the genres of mountainbiking and cyclocross. Today, this technology has gained momentum in road biking.

We don't recommend tubeless if you change your tyres frequently on the same wheelset. If you change between road and gravel tyres frequently, or change between training and competition tyres.

This product comes as an installed upgrade and is only available with a complete bike.

Please note that new bikes that come with a tubeless setup may lose tyre pressure until they have been ridden for the first time. Only pump the tyres and go for a ride. This should fix the problem.

Originally, tubeless came from mountainbiking and cyclocross.

On uneven and bumpy surfaces and in muddy terrain low tyre pressure provides a clear advantage as it increases the tyre grip and reduces the rolling resistance.

However, the problem is that the ideal tyre pressure for optimal grip and performance is quite low which in turn increases the risk of so-called ‘snake bites’ which means that the inner tube is squeezed between the rim and the tyre and punctures.

By eliminating the inner tube it is possible to achieve significantly better performance and have fewer punctures.

Additionally, tubeless seals punctures automatically and you will often be able to keep riding in case of smaller punctures.

This can be quite advantageous in competitive situations where just one puncture could be disastrous whether you ride MTB or cyclocross.

Technically, tubeless setups uses a liquid to form a seal between the tyre and the rim.

Therefore, the valve is not attached to an inner tube, but is a separate valve installed directly into the hole in the rim.

For this work it is required that both the rim and the tyre are what is called ‘tubeless ready’.

All it takes is rim tape to create a closed seal and the right touch when installing the setup. This is taken care of by our skilled mechanics.

Today, tubeless has become the standard both in mountainbiking and cyclocross. In road biking the trend moves toward wider and wider tyres as well as lower tyre pressure. Therefore many road bike riders opt for a tubeless setup.

Some time ago, it was widely accepted that low rolling resistance was achieved by using high tyre pressure - whereas today, many believe that low rolling resistance on asphalt also comes from lower tyre pressure. The tubeless technology enables you to ride with a significantly lower tyre pressure than what would be possible with an inner tube.

Some people have experienced cracked tyres resulting in tubeless sealant being leaked.

In our experience those experiences are caused by faulty assembly or equipment that's not tubeless ready. You will not encounter such problems when the tubeless setup is installed professionally by our mechanics using the correct components on new bikes.

We recommend always bringing an extra inner tube along with a pump/CO2 gun even if you do run a tubeless setup. You will always be able to install the inner tube and ride home. This occurs very rarely and is no more troublesome than if you run a traditional inner tube setup.

If the hole is too large for the sealant to work small plugs are available that will make you able to ride home.

The tubeless setup process is slightly more complicated than that of a classic inner tube setup.

We recommend tubeless for everybody. On all bike types. We use it ourselves.

It will make you ride faster and more comfortably, and you will not experience flats to the same extent.

If you're the kind of rider who often changes tyres on the same set of wheels we recommend you to reconsider this approach. Or perhaps buy an extra set of wheels.

Especially more inexperienced riders who are not that used to changing inner tubes quickly will benefit from not experiencing flats very often.


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