CeramicSpeed SLT head tube bearings for Pronghorn Road-X – Installed upgrade

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5-year frame warranty
Installed on the bike

CeramicSpeed SLT head tube bearings for Pronghorn Road-X​ – Installed upgrade

On modern performance bikes groupsets are increasingly wireless. Also, we often see that people choose to have cables and hoses integrated into the stem and handlebars to make the cockpit of the bike completely 'clean'. This is all good, but can make it a bit of a challenge to replace head tube bearings on a bike, since brake hoses are routed through the bearings to stay hidden. To replace the head tube bearings therefore means disconnecting them (in some cases replacing them) for the bearings to be removed. This operation can take quite a bit of time in the shop. Enter the SLT bearings from CeramicSpeed.

SLT is short for 'Solid Lubrication Technology' and with this technology the bearings have become self-lubricating and therefore require no maintenance as the lubrication is sealed within some precisely dimensioned micro pores in a plast polymer material from which the lubricant is released in precisely the right amount.

Regardless if your bike has visible or hidden cables, the upgrade to SLT bearings is a really good idea. These bearings require no maintenance and will most likely outlast pretty much any bike.


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