Designed for making you ride faster for longer these bikes is what Pronghorn is all about.

Range highlights

Geometry. Frame innovations. Suspension. Hardware. Wheels.
The bikes are designed and optimized for maximum speed at any budget. The patented Anti Power Loss System is designed for horisontal power transmission, so no power is lost in your search for pure speed. The design and geometry makes this bike ride like a hardtail on the climbs and when you are pushing the pedals for acceleration. And when you need the rear suspension on bumpy parts and descents for grip, control and comfort, the bike does just that. Simply by design, geometry and pivot points - no electronics or lock-outs needed.

Test results


"A racing machine for the dedicated XC rider..." 

Feltet.DK, Denmark on the FS 27.5"


"Full speed is the headline for this bike..." 

Cykelmagasinet, Denmark on the FS 27.5" 


"Danish Pronghorn will claim its place among the top brands..." 

MTB Magazine, Sweden on the FS 27.5"

Technical features


Our MTB Race Team is the largest in Denmark and provides testing, speed and good results. Meet the team 

Choose a full suspension 27.5 MTB if you: 


  • Ride mostly off-road and prefer single trails
  • Aim for speed on the challenging trails with plenty of twists and turns - and want to RIDE FASTER for longer
  • Want to challenge yourself and like to ride aggressively with accurate control and comfort
  • Simply want to enjoy your ride and take it for a long day out on the trails
  • The 27.5” wheel size is best suited for riders under 170cm in nearly all cases
  • The 27.5” wheel size gives you the handling of the 26" combined with the comfort and speed of the 29'er.

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