Pronghorn clothing line

Pronghorn X Campione Collab

Pronghorn makes road bikes, gravel bikes and mountainbikes for all kinds of roads, trails and tracks. Pronghorn has developed a signature clothing line in collaboration with clothes manufacturer Campione. The design style is stringent and Nordic just like our bikes. The fit and function of our clothing line is designed to make you go exactly as fast as you need.

”The visual style is discreet and minimalist with elegant and tasteful details ..."

"Or design goal has been to create a clothing line that works as a stylish add-on for our bikes - regardless of the bike’s colour. A simple and streamlined look with a perfect fit made from quality materials and manufactured to perfection by Campione and Verge."


Race fit and function


The visual style is clean in what we call ‘race quality and fit’ with lots of nice details.



Designed in-house

We designed the clothing line in-house. It was manufactured in collaboration with Campione.


Tested by our team

These are the outfits worn by our team riders and ambassadors – only without our subtle Team Rider badge.

”We ride thousands of miles every year ourselves and use the outfits a lot ..."


The outfits are available directly from Campione’s own webshop and the Campione customer service will help make sure you select the products perfect for your needs.


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